Roxana Perez-Mendez                                                          
Puerto Rican                                      
            2003               Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME
            2002               Tyler School of Art, MFA Sculpture
            1999                The Ohio State University, BFA Sculpture and Glass. 
            1996                Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.
solo exhibitions
2017                A Buen Arbol Te Arrimas... Taller Puertoriqueño Centro Corazon. Philadelphia
2013                En Mi Espejo, Veo Tu Cara.  Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia. 
2012                24K.  Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia.
2010                Este Es Mi Pais.  Morris Gallery. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts    
                                    and Museum.  5/22-9/26, 2010.  Philadelphia
                        Siempre Hace Frio.  Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia
2009               Fall Solos.  Arlington Art Center.  9-11/2010.  Arlington, VA
                        Todo Tiene Su Final.  Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia
                        Sin Fin. Allcott Gallery.  Chapel Hill, NC
2008                Larga Distancia, Memoria Corta Vox Populi Solo Show.  Philadelphia
2007                New Espacio. Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia
                         La Declaracion. Landmarks Contemporary Projects at the Powel  
                                  House Museum, Philadelphia
                         Encantada.  Painted Bride Art Center.  4-Sites Series.  Philadelphia 
2006                Proyecto PASA.  Fleisher Art Memorial Challenge Exhibition.  Philadelphia
2003                Flotando.  Aqui Siam Ben Gallery.  Vallauris, France.
select group
2017                 Confroncion/Contemplacion: fotografia y paisaje. Curated by Area y Cuadro Gris. Feria de Arte MECA.  
                                   San Juan, PR
2016                 Other Worlds, Other Stories. WPA.  Washington, DC.  Curated by Jeffry Culdin.
2015                 New Perspectives.  Taller Puertoriqueño.  Philadelphia, PA
2013                 Feria de Arte Sonoro de Puerto Rico, 3ra ed.  Universidad de Sagrado Corazon, San Juan, PR 
                                  Curators:  Lisa Ladner, Andres Alfonso Lugo Cruz, Norma Vila Rivero
                        Soñadores:  Dreamers.  Roy C. Moore Gallery, University of North Georgia, Gainesville. Curator Beth  
                        Connections: Artists Invited by Meredith College Art Faculty.  Frankie G. Weems Art Gallery.        
                                    Meredith College.  Raleigh, NC. (I) 
                         Photo/Synthesis.  Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. PCAD  Lancaster, PA. 
2011                  Shift.  Times Museum.  Guangzhou, China.
                        Mirror Image:  Women Portraying Women.  North Carolina Museum of Art.  Raleigh, NC
                        Channel Z. Zephyr Gallery.  Curator Joey Yates.  Louisville, KY  Curated by Joey Yates.                                                                
2010                Seven: Collective and Projects Miami Beach. Curated by William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton.  Verve
                                    Art Fair.  Basel Miami. 
                        Word-Less.  Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.  Curated by Felicity Hogan.  New York, New York.
                        No Soul For Sale II.  Festival of Independents Tate Modern.  London
2009               Bulk.  John and June Allcott Gallery.  UNC-Chapel Hill
                        Aljira Emerge 10. Aljira Center for Contemporary Art.  Newark, New Jersey. Curated by Sara Reisman.
                        No Soul For Sale.  Festival of Independents.  X-Intitiative.  Chelsea, NY
                        Invented: (un) Realities in Two Parts.  University of the Arts, Gershwin Y.
                        Victory for Tyler—Sculpture Alumni Show.  Curated by Sarina Basta, curator of the Sculpture Center.    
                                    Crane Arts Building. Philadelphia.
                        Dialogo 365.  Casa Venezuela.  Curated by Anabelle Rodriguez.  Crane Arts Building.  Philadelphia
                        New Media Now.  Colby-Sawyer College.  New London, NH.
2008               Make Shift.  Spaces Gallery.  Pittsburgh 
                        Assumed Identities.  Curated by Sarah Cunningham.  The College of New Jersey.  New Jersey
                        ArsLatina 07.:  Ser Latino en el Siglo XXI.  Centro Estatal de las Artes.  Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
                                   and Centro Municipal de  Cultura, Castellon, Espana.
                        Morgellons. December Invitational Show.  Fliesher-Ollman Gallery.  Philadelphia.
2006               Vernacular Spectacular.  University of Pennsylvania.   Philadelphia

2013                 En Mi Espejo Veo Tu Cara.  UNC-Chapel Hill.  Chapel Hill, NC
2011                  Blind Justice. Socrates Sculpture Park.  Long Island City, NY
2010                 Flotando.  Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts.  Curated by Felicity Hogan. 
2009                Salvavida.  Collaborative effort with Gabrial Martinez.  No Soul for Sale at X-Initiative.  Chelsea, NY
2003                Independencia.Part 1:  La Parada. Collaborative effort with Gabriel Martinez, Carlos Rodriguez.  
                         Independencia Part 2:  El Regreso.  Collaborative effort with Gabriel Martinez, Carlos Rodriguez. 
2002                Mas Largo que una Enema:  Much Longer than an Enema. Penrose Gallery, Philadelphia.
curatorial experience
2010                 paradise.  German Tagle, Kia Carscalen, Coke Whitworth, Losette Morel, Gisela Insuaste, David  
                                     Antonio Cruz, Christopher Robbins, And Rosalind  Murray.
  Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia
                        Note: Ronnie Bass, David Antonio Cruz, Rosalind Murray & Michael Bizon and Michael Scoggins. John
                                     and June Allcott Gallery.  UNC Chapel Hill
                        Repurpose:  Jonathan Brand, Joe Winter, Scott Hocking and Meredith Nickie.  John and June Allcott              
                        Big Gurl:  Stylin with Lauren Kelley.  Vox Populi Gallery.Philadelphia.  
2007               Surveil: Noah Klersfeld, Luciana Lamothe, Bennett Morris, and Raphael Zollinger. Vox Populi Gallery.
                        Double Feature:  Lydia Mover and Hope Tucker. Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia. 
2017                Foundation Valparaiso. Mojácar, Spain
                       AADK Centro Negra: Centro De Investigación y Creación Contemporanea. Blanca, Murcia Spain
                       AARK: Archipelago Art Residency. Korpoo, Finland
                       Joya: Arte + Ecologia. Velez-Blanco Almeria, Spain 
2010               Sculpture Space.  Utica, NY
2008              Aljira Emerge 10.  Aljira Contemporary Art Center.  Newark, NJ.
2003              Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
                       Millay Colony. Artist in Residence.  Austerlitz, NY.
                       AIR-Vallauris, France.  Artist in Residence.
                       Can Serrat, El Bruc. Artist in Residence.  Providencia de Barcelona, Spain          
2013                Process Series funded project.
                        Sundance Film Festival New Frontier Story Lab Finalist.
2012                Cisneros Fontanals: Contemporary Latin Art Grant Finalist
2010                Finalist of Pew Fellowship in the Arts
                        Aljira EmergeNext.  Aljira Center for Contemporary Art. Newark, Nj.
2008               Aljira Emerge 10.  Aljira Center for Contemporary Art.  Newark, NJ
2006               Finalist for Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant
                        Finalist for Pew Fellowship in the Arts.  Sculpture/Installation
2003               Skowhegan School of Art Participant Fellowship.
related professional experience
2012                Juror for University of Pennsylvania’s Undergraduate Art Awards and Exhibition.
                                      University of Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia, PA
2007-2012      Vox Populi Gallery Steering Committee Member
2007-2009     Board Member of The Eshter M. Klein Gallery.  Philadelphia
                        “Art at the intersection of Science and Industry.”              
2006-2008     Committee Chair of Media Lounge. Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia
2006               Invited Juror.  AIR-Vallauris Small Art Object Fete.  Vallauris, France
2013                “Latino Art Exhibit to come to UNG’s Gainesville Campus.”Gainesville Times  
                         Jan 10, 2013
                        “Exhibition of Latino Art Opens on UNG Gainesville”
                       Jan 10, 2013
“PCAD Presents Photo/Synthesis.” Jan 5, 2013.
2011                Shift.  Times Museum Exhibition Catalogue.
2010              “Roxana Perez-Mendez” Review By Miriam Siedel.  Art In America. Oct. 2010
                      “Roxana Perez-Mendez at PAFA” Review by Edward Epstein.  Art Papers.  Oct 2010
                      “Roxana Pérez-Méndez’s Technology-Based Art Text and images by Lori Foxworth and Paul Gentile   
                                Teklado Magazine.  Sept/October Issue.
                       “Immigrants, now but a memory,” Edward Sozanski.  Philadelphia Inquirer.  August 8, 2010
                       “Roxana Perez-Mendez:  Este Es Mi Pais.” 6/16/10
                       “Word-less.”  Curatorial Essay by Felicity Hogan.  Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.  NY
                       “Your Fantasy is My Home.”  Review by Andrea Kirsh.  May 26, 2010
                       “An Artist’s Contact with Yesterday.” By Dr. Burton Wasserman.  Icon Magazine.  August 2010 issue.   
                       “A Decade of Emergence.” By BENJAMIN GENOCCHIO.  New York Times. August 28, 2009.
                       “Dispatches from No Soul For Sale:  Artist Roxana Pérez-Méndez Discusses.” By Carolyn Kane.
                           June 25th, 2009
2009                “Fall 2009 solos at the Arlington Arts Center.”  Daily Campello Art News.  9/2009
                                    Dialogo 365 Catalogo.  Catalogue of Exhibition.  Andreina Castellanos.  Casa Venezuela.
                         “Art Intrigues College with New Media Exhibit”  Colbey-Sawyer Courier. Feb. 13, 2009
2007                “Art Review:  Assumed Identities.”  Helen Schwartz.  Dec 18, 2007
                         “Video Macabre.”  By William Hanley.  September 2007
                         “La Declaracion.”  Editor’s Pick.  Philadelphia Weekly. March 22,2007
                        “La Declaracion.”  Exhibition Essay.  Robert Wuilfe.  March 2007
2006                 Changing the Past and Challenging the Future:  History and Identity in the Work of Roxana Perez-  
                                    Mendez.  Catalogue essay by Emily Hage, Assistant Curator and Fellow, Contemporary Art          
                                    Department, Philadelphia Museum of Art.
2006                “Suite Dreams:  A super hotel serves as a metaphor for brainwashed  consumerism”  Philadelphia
                                    Weekly. Sept 13-20
                         “Island Records.”  Sketches Roberta Fallon.  Philadelphia Weekly.  Jan 25, 2006
2004                “Chaos Theory.”  Roberta Fallon. Philadelphia Weekly. June 23,2004
2002                 “Borders Lines.”  Philadelphia Weekly.  Dec 2, 2002
public lectures and talks
2017               Open Studio: AADK Centro Negro
                       Open Studio: AARK
                       Visiting Artist: Centro Corazon Taller Puertorriqueño.
                       Artist Talk. Centro Corazon, Taller Puertorriqueño. Philadelphia 2015 Visiting Artist and Lecture.
                                       Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia 
2012                Artist Lecture.  Soñadores.  February 13, 2013.  U of North Georgia, Gainsville, GA.
                        Convergence and Collaboration:  Photo/Synthesis.  February 1, 2013.  PCAD.  Lancaster, PA
2010               Artist Lecture.  Artist at Lunch Series.  September 22, 2010 PAFA.  Philadelphia.
                       Artist Lecture.  Mohawk Valley Latino Association. Utica, NY  September 20, 2010
                       Artist Talk.  Word-less. Moderated by Felicity Hogan.  Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts.  NY 6.18.2010
                       Visiting Artist and Lecture.  Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. Lancaster, PA. April 26, 2010
                       Artist Talk.  New Media Now. Colby-Sawyer College, New London, New Hampshire. Jan 29, 2010.
2009               Artist Talk.  Todo Tiene Su Final.  Moderated by Julien Robson, Curator of Contemporary Art at the
                                     Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Philadelphia  May 31, 2009
                        “Performing Puerto Rico.”  The State of Things.  WUNC. NPR Radio Interview and podcast.  March 24th, 
2008                Panel discussion.  Aljira Emerge 10 with New York Percent for Arts Executive Director and curator,
                                     Sara Riesman and artists Brendan Fernandes and Michael Paul Britto.  Aljira Contemporary Art
                                     Center.  Newark, NJ  September 26, 2009
                        Artist Talk.  Memoria Larga:  Distancia Corta.  Vox Populi Gallery.  Moderated by Irene Hoffman,
                                     Director of the Contemporary Museum of Baltimore. 4/2008
                        Visiting Artist Lecture. Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia
                        Visiting Artist Lecture. University of Illinois-Champagne-Urbana
2007                Artists Talk.  Assumed Identities.  The College of New Jersey, Trenton 12/2007
                         Artist Talk.  New Espacio. Moderated by Daniel Fuller Vox Populi Gallery.  Philadelphia                       
                         Artist Talk and Tour for the Professional Woman’s Fairmount Association.  La Declaracion.  Powel
                                      House Museum.   Philadelphia. 4/2007
                        Artist Talk.  Encantada.  Painted Bride Art Center.  Philadelphia
2006                Artist Talk. Minty.  Moderated by Dan Tally, independent curator.  Vox Populi Gallery.   8/2006
                        Artist Talk. Proyecto PASA.  Moderated by Mary Murphy. Fleisher Art Memorial Challenge.  Philadelphia

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